AutoWellz is an oil and gas industry software application patented for facilitating workflow of procedure making and reporting with advance analytics of engineering parameters & utilized resources during the operations.

Current Challenges/Gaps in Oil & Gas Industry

Not a complete optimization of Man-power efficiency

  • Time consumption in preparing end of job reports
  • No unitized platform for program making, report submission and analysis
  • Gaps in incorporating lessons learned database

Challenges in Analysis of planned v/s actual execution

  • No Time and cost analysis – up to level of resource usage
  • Downtime analysis
  • Performance tracking of sub-contractors
  • Analysis of multiple wells and projects on a single dashboard
  • Graphical and chart visualizations of both planned and actual resources / parameters


Business Process Management System for Drilling, Production, Reservoir and Facility Management

Integrated and Automated Workflow

Prepare program, report operational update and generate analysis instantly in same portal.

Program Generation

  • Steps of program written, generated and submitted in same application
  • Inclusion of attachments and tables during program writing
  • Approvals as per workflow
  • Incorporates time and cost estimates including list of parameters and inventories estimated in each step
  • Inclusion of data driven inputs minimizes manual errors


  • Side By Side program reference enables to create error free reports
  • Daily or time based or phase based report generation with estimated – actual time, cost and inventory analysis
  • Ability to include parameters and resources in digital format helps to track and analyse efficiently
  • Automatd Tracking of non productive time & efficient time management with Lessons Learned


  • One click analysis to generate interactive dashboards
  • Advance Algorithm to generate End of Well reports in few clicks without manual intervention
  • Ability to generate multiple wells and multiple fields data analytics within few minutes
  • NPT, lessons learned, POB, all automated in a single portal
  • Track Project Timeline & Costing

Side by Side Program and Report interface

  • How to ensure not to miss any procedure during execution and avoid manual errors.
  • User will get liberty of active program while reporting, so that execution steps are not missed.

Instant analysis and compilation of parameters and resources

Entire Parameters and Resources used in a event can be compiled and analyzed using interactive plots. In just a few clicks, the user can obtain any interactive plots of parameters like pump rates, flow rates, ROP, etc. and resources like volumes consumed, personnel, etc. against depth, time or any other parameter.

Customized Dashboards

To increase operational efficiency and productivity, Autowellz provide additional feature of Customized dashboards.

Complete Data Base & Data Analytics Under One Umbrella

Facility of attaching documents, tables, pictures like logs, gauge data, BHA & other files during program making and reporting. This enables the entire well database handy and readily available under one platform. Further, the collated data can be transferred to various data analysis platform for enhanced optimization.

Benefits to End User


  • Increase efficiency
  • Track Project Progress
  • Costing Analysis for each well
  • Downtime analysis for each operation with root cause analysis
  • Planned v/s Actual Analysis
  • Planning and tracking surveys
  • Increasing manpower efficiency of Team
  • Save time to go through the entire Process

Field Team

  • Track planned v/s actual events
  • Automated check to generate robust report
  • Work offline while in remote location
  • Detailed operational related calculation to save time
  • Create game plan & specialized instructions in same portal
  • Check-list to monitor operations
  • Ability to include new lessons learned with ease

Engineering Team

  • No challenge in searching data or attachments
  • Integrated Platform for program, report & analysis
  • Increase efficiency with reduced man-power
  • Automated checks to generate quick & error-free reports
  • Data visualization dashboards to analyse data
  • Advance NPT Analysis & Lessons Learned to reduce downtime and optimize future operations