Oil & Gas Consultancy

Scope of work

Integrated Sand Management Services

  • Rock Mechanics and Sand Control
  • Surface Sand Management Audit and Consultancy
  • Sand Separation and Handling
  • Sand Sampling & Monitoring
  • Digital Solutions
  • Sand Management related lab studies                              DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

Production Engineering

  • Artificial lift selection and designing –SRP, Jet pump and Gas Lift
  • Gas Lift Optimization Studies
  • ESP Completion Design and Selection
  • Sand Management & sand control design & selection
  • Hydraulic fracture designing & execution details
  • Acidization & other Stimulation techniques

Drilling and Completion

  • Well design and material selection
  • Tubing and Casing analysis
  • Completion designing – HP/HT wells
  • Drilling program and well architecture

Reservoir Engineering

  • OOIP calculation
  • Material Balance
  • FDP Program

Petroleum Economics

  • Complete due diligence at asset and company level – including financial and strategic advice
  • New country entry – from screening analysis to final entry
  • Field commercialization studies- especially for gas, marginal or remote fields
  • Integrated Field development plans- especially with complex and split ownerships from field to evacuation route
  • Fiscal and taxation analysis and benchmarking>
  • Brownfield/mature assets regeneration using cost and product optimization
  • License bidding round advice- from frontier exploration to marginal fields
  • Portfolio ranking and optimization and Risk and uncertainty analysis
  • Commercial and product marketing
  • Structure and partnership/JV advice
  • Funding options and linkage to the financial institutions

Field Rejuvenation

  • Entire Field Development Program from drilling to production.

Gas Engineering

  • Flow assurance of gas wells
  • Rejuvenation of Gas wells