About SandMaster

Greenfield Oil and Trading Services (GOTS) Pvt Ltd feels pride in introducing the unique sand management solution to oil & gas industry. With increasing depleting reservoirs in sandstone, sand management has been one of the accepted methodologies now wherein sand is controlled and at times managed with a risk based approach. Managing sand at surface, decision on delayed sand control and other production optimization techniques have now resulted in incremental production with risk optimizations. We understand that Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) is first priority for any Operator or organization and therefore the solution SandMaster (Sand Management Systems & Tools for Evaluation of Risk) package comes with a solution to manage sand problems using a risk based approach with optimized production. Developed bya  team Sand Management Subject Matter Expets (SME) & algorithm specialists, SandMaster integrates various discipline and sand prone location from sub-surface up to pipeline thus enabling efficient Sand Management system. With a module based algorithm, SandMaster also facilitate in managing risk related to solid or proppant pumping during hydraulic fracturing. 

Your Solution to Manage Sand


Research and Development 

Software incorporates various pressure drop, deposition, erosion, CDP (Critical Drawdown pressure) and other globally published literature works. Our R&D team continuously works on finding latest on sand management to update software correlations and equations. An extraordinary blend of sand management experts with algorithmic brains have resulted in creating novel methodologies in managing sand. Focus of team is not limited to oil and gas operators but also to educational & research institutions. Out-of-box thought process has enabled users & researchers to develop their own correlations

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