Time and Cost Analysis
Another innovation wherein our team of Operation Engineers and consultants are aiming to develop your solution to time / cost track anything from a few hours job to a multi-disciplinary project. An ability not only to plan the economical excellence and also to track various economic parameter to optimize your cost and save your time
Mobile Applications
A section of our team is solely working on development of user-friendly mobile applications to provide assistance in day-to-day operational aspects and quick calculations. From reservoir engineering, drilling & completion, production and downstream integrity, your needs for technical references and calculations in daily job will be catered
Customized Software
Many modern day organizations in E&P and service providers have highly skilled technical engineers developing in house software and workflow of their own. Such an effort at times diminishes with individual developer or is ceased to operate due to lack of advanced continuity. Our joint team of software and petroleum engineering professionals feel pride in developing application customized to organization needs within a short span of time and at most cost effective way. Also, ensure life-long continuity and optimizations for effective continuity.
PE Library

We provide petroleum engineering library for various methods and continuously enhancing with latest correlations and technical publications. Our suite of Library includes

  • PVT Library – Incorporating correlations, calibration and sensitivity
  • Pipeline & Fittings flow – To calculate pressure and temperature drop along facility in a convenient way
  • Sand Control Design – Design and production analysis of various sand control designs for decision making capabilities
  • MEM – Mechanical Earth Model related library to generate MEM models and related rock data including calibration and sensitivity