We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to showcase our groundbreaking research titled ‘OTC-34645-MS: Sand Management Audit: Digital Simulation for Metal Loss And Deposition Risk Analysis, Prediction And Validation – A Case Study’, presented by the Petronas Team at OTC Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2024. This presentation represents the culmination of tireless effort and innovation, aimed at addressing critical challenges in sand management within the energy sector. OTC Asia provided the perfect platform for our case study, allowing us to share our findings and contribute to the advancement of industry standards. We extend our sincere appreciation to all involved in making this presentation a resounding success, propelling us further on our journey of innovation and excellence.


During IEW, our collaboration with IOL showcased our groundbreaking sand management strategy, significantly enhancing product visibility through the presentation of our paper titled “Novel Digitalized Sand Management Strategy for Incremental Production in Indian Subcontinent.” Our digital solution stood out among industry peers, attracting attention for its ability to boost production. This platform extended the influence of our product, solidifying our position as a leader in energy industry innovation. IEW provided a prominent stage to highlight our collaborative efforts, reaffirming our commitment to advancing the industry. It was a valuable opportunity to present our cutting-edge solutions to a global audience.



Participating in India Energy Week was an eye-opening journey. Surrounded by a lively crowd, our booth sparkled with innovation. Many companies were attracted to our revolutionary solutions, sparking meaningful conversations and partnerships.

From leaders in renewable energy to industry giants, everyone was eager to learn from us. Our products dazzled, capturing everyone’s attention. We seized networking opportunities, creating new partnerships at the heart of India’s energy discussions.


With each handshake, possibilities turned into real opportunities. India Energy Week became a hub of vitality and potential, where our vision flourished.


We have exhibited in ADIPEC Abu Dhabi from 31st Oct to 3rd Nov 2022. It was a great encouraging response from the Oil & Gas fraternity on our products & services.

Thanks to ADIPEC Exhibition and Conference to give us an opportunity to showcase our products and services. It was great exhibiting experience which helped us to know the existing challenges faced by the industry.
We like to express our gratitude to the entire petroleum community to take their valuable time and visit our stall.