We have conducted a successful workshop with its partners BG Oilfield Sdn Bhd and Petronas on Holistic Sand Management which showcased the Metal Loss and Choke management study conducted for one of the Petronas fields using SandMaster software. Along with the study, the way forward of synergizing the niche capabilities of Petronas and GOTS in the area were also discussed between the experts of PCSB and GOTS.

We appreciate the close involvement and cooperation from Petronas in completing the project and conducting this workshop

We have exhibited in ADIPEC Abu Dhabi from 31st Oct to 3rd Nov 2022. It was a great encouraging response from the Oil & Gas fraternity on our products & services.

Thanks to ADIPEC Exhibition and Conference to give us an opportunity to showcase our products and services. It was great exhibiting experience which helped us to know the existing challenges faced by the industry.
We like to express our gratitude to the entire petroleum community to take their valuable time and visit our stall.


GOTS has presented the topic “An Integrated Digital & Analytical Platform for Oil & Gas Operations” and exhibited at the Global Drilling & Exploration Conclave 2022, which took place on June 10th, 2022 at Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport, India.

The presentation focused on Integrated platform that can handle the entire process, including procedure creation or planning, reporting or execution, and data analysis of planned versus executed task.

Benefits of Integrated Digital & Analytical Platform

  • A systematic procedure and report generation under one platform reduces multiple applications handling, ensures no human error both in data generation and data reporting.
  • It Saves enormous time in generation and approval or reports /program, helps in quick calculations of well control parameters and most importantly generates an organized data.

The Platform allows the standardization of all procedures and the creation of an automated system that reduces human error and effort.

In the “SPE Virtual Workshop: Marginal & Mature Field Management” that was held in Kuala Lumpur on May 25,2022, our Senior Petroleum Engineer delivered his experience and success stories in the fields of sand management digitalization and data analytics.
The topic of the presentation was “Digitalisation & Data Analytics in Sand Management for Mature & Marginal Field”.

Is managing sand an issue in your facilities ?

We at GOTS can help you to manage and resolve all sand management issues , customize tailor made solutions and enhance the decision making. We look to manage and provide solutions all the way from reservoir rock to the pipelines.

We are proud to announce that we have released SandMaster Beta version 2.0 with enhanced features.

Few hours of investment can you help to earn million dollars.
Contact us before sand production becomes a challenge . Register on the google link to get Software demo.


We are proud to announce that our principal consultant Vinnavadi C Babu Sivakumar is presenting a paper in “SPE Virtual Workshop Sand Control Management” which will be held at Kuala Lumpur from 26th to 28th October, 2021. The topic of the presentation will be “Surface sand Management- A Digital solution to this undermined strategy.

This Industry-academia collaborative research and development initiative is aimed at creating    a comprehensive platform for pursuing advanced research works jointly by GOTS and the IIT (ISM). The objectives of this collaboration under the MoU, but not limited to, are envisaged as follows:

  1. Collaborative execution of research projects in thejointly agreed thematic research areas  
  2. IIT ISM Provide research under the variousthematic areas and technology development support by engaging faculty, research scholars and laboratory staff.
  3. Surveying and scouting the advanced technologiesof interest to GOTS and advising GOTS on their potential benefits/drawbacks. Collecting and understanding contemporary technology issues under the TRAs.
  4. Providing training to GOTS officials as agreed for jointly knowledge building/knowledge transfer in the mutually agreed area.
  5. Promoting internships
  6. Promoting visiting and adjunctfaculty programs and research oriented career 
  7. Extending GOTS industrial platform and IIT(ISM) research platform to each other.
  8. Conducting shortand long term courses in IIT(ISM) and jointly organizing workshops, seminars, and 
  9. Promoting entrepreneurshipactivities in jointly agreed

GOTS Pvt Ltd released Beta Version 1.0 for proprietary software SandMaster(TM). The version was shared with technical expert panel and other industry personnel including Engineers and academia and was appreciated with the addition of new features. On the basis of previous comments from Operators who had been testing the software since last few months, following additions were made on the features of SandMaster:

  • Inclusion of sensitivity with gas Lift injection 
  • Facility to simulate Gas Lift injection 
  • Initiation of Erosion-Corrosion algorithms 
  • 2-variable sensitivities for various outputs
  • and many more..

Industry experts welcome the new features. 

On the 14th of August, we at GOTS held a one day workshop (Webinar/ Training) for IIT ISM Dhanbad student on the subject “Surface Sand Management”.
More than 80 people attended the event.

To make the event interesting a live quiz was conducted in between the sessions.

GOTS also carried out a live demonstration of our trademark and unique software “SandMaster”, which generated a lot of interest in the participants.

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