We are proud to announce that our principal consultant Vinnavadi C Babu Sivakumar is presenting a paper in “SPE Virtual Workshop Sand Control Management” which will be held at Kuala Lumpur from 26th to 28th October, 2021. The topic of the presentation will be “Surface sand Management- A Digital solution to this undermined strategy.

This Industry-academia collaborative research and development initiative is aimed at creating    a comprehensive platform for pursuing advanced research works jointly by GOTS and the IIT (ISM). The objectives of this collaboration under the MoU, but not limited to, are envisaged as follows:

  1. Collaborative execution of research projects in thejointly agreed thematic research areas  
  2. IIT ISM Provide research under the variousthematic areas and technology development support by engaging faculty, research scholars and laboratory staff.
  3. Surveying and scouting the advanced technologiesof interest to GOTS and advising GOTS on their potential benefits/drawbacks. Collecting and understanding contemporary technology issues under the TRAs.
  4. Providing training to GOTS officials as agreed for jointly knowledge building/knowledge transfer in the mutually agreed area.
  5. Promoting internships
  6. Promoting visiting and adjunctfaculty programs and research oriented career 
  7. Extending GOTS industrial platform and IIT(ISM) research platform to each other.
  8. Conducting shortand long term courses in IIT(ISM) and jointly organizing workshops, seminars, and 
  9. Promoting entrepreneurshipactivities in jointly agreed